Latest Fashion Trends For Men in 2019

Fashion and hot summers don’t always go hand in hand for men. When the temperature drops, looking good comes easy. You can let yourself shine, but the summer season get the latest fashion trends for men that’s a totally different monster!

Off top of your head, you probably associate summer styles with preppy look: polos, top siders, pink shorts. And all the while, they have the spirit of comforting the body and are easy on the eyes. Whether you want athletic, rugged, edgy, or anything in between, this is the summer to step up your game and make slight adjustments to your wardrobe and shoe cabinet.

Men’s Summer Style Essentials

Men’s Summer Style Essentials

The Shorts

The Shorts

Latest fashion trends for men demand trending shorts. The preppy style has enjoyed a high fashion class in past years, which means that the chino shorts have taken a bold turn. Pastels are definitely hot, but if you want to run away from a fatty look, change up your colors. Khaki is a nice and neutral option, but you don’t have to play it safe. Navy and black shorts can add new life to your wardrobe.

A pair of athletic shorts is an easy option when the situation is casual. With all shorts, avoid overly long and baggy choices. You don’t want to look like your dad’s 70s basketball photos, but just above the knee is always a solid bet. If you want to wear shorts, make a well-fitting pair of cutoffs.

For length, don’t go overboard, and most importantly, don’t think they go with every outfit. Shorts are for a casual look that can be dressed up with a smart shirt, but don’t think you can wear them at a formal dinner.

The Shirts

The Shirts

Summer shirts can be a dangerous game. It’s hot — keep it light. Invest in some nice t-shirts. Keep the designs simple and smart like the situation calls for something with a little class. You have three options: polos, long sleeve button ups, and short sleeve button ups.

As for polos, they work well with shorts, but you will be encroaching on preppy, which is not a bad thing. If that style out of fashion for you, play it down with neutral colors, with a pair of jeans.

For button ups, keep the heat in mind. Go for a light weight shirt for long sleeves. Plain light-colored shirts are always very easy find, but if you are going on a beach with friends, indulge in some patterns. Plain colors are staples for a reason, but don’t get boring.

For short sleeves, the same rules apply. Keep it light and breezy. Patterned short sleeves are in fashion right now, so get creative. Things to avoid are Hawaiian shirts and bowling shirts. Remember, “no Hawaiian” does not mean “no floral.”

The Pants

The Pants

A summer fashion article that discusses pants might sound absurd. Once the mercury hits 40+ degrees, shorts and bermudas are pretty adequate in nearly all situations. But slipping on some jeans in the month of July is not a bad idea at all.

Put away your dark hued jeans till September, and try wearing some lighter shades. Avoid the cliched true blue and anything acid wash, but otherwise feel free to try out anything on that end of the spectrum.

If a bold choice such as that is not your thing, you can always go with good old black. Although it seems the color to avoid, black jeans will always look good no matter what the weather. Chinos are altogether a different story. This lightweight fabric was made just for hot weather.

There’s no reason why you should not be too bold with your color choices, but don’t get too attached to khaki. Olive, gray, blue, and pretty much anything that is non-florescent is the color to match the latest summer trends.

The Shoes

The Shoes

You have a lot of options to choose from in terms of footwear. Summer shoes such as boat shoes can go with just about anything. All you need to do is to keep the colors subtle. That does not mean that your sneakers should be boring. Black and white are easy colors to work with, but a sleek pair of sneakers in any color can give a low profile look and when done right, add an amazing trendy look to any summer outfit.

Our Favorite: White Leather Sneakers are an obvious winner for us this summer. It is versatile enough to work with any summer outfit.

Socks can either be no-show or mid-calf and can be worn with pride this summer. You can expect to see a lot of black or white mid-calves, but gray is also an adequate option.

Outerwear and Accessories

Outerwear and Accessories

We are categorizing outerwear with accessories because that’s exactly the purpose they serve in the hot summer months. You definitely need to keep something really lightweight at hand for when the sun goes down. You are not going to be wearing it all day, so choose something that works with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.

I hope latest fashion trends for men were helpful for you.

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