6 Kitchen Appliances You Must Buy from Topsun Bazar

I recall the panic when I first moved out and got my first home. I wondered what small kitchen appliances to get for my first home. It took me a while to figure out what kitchen appliances you must buy and what was a waste of money.

Here’s what I learned in that process

Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

My husband insisted we buy a rice cooker to make our lives a little easier when trying to make healthy meals during the week. It does all the work for you so you can prep the rest of your meal while your rice cooks — it’s fantastic. I’m not alone in my obsession with this appliance.

Promising review: “Great little cooker. Makes plenty for 2-4 people. I use it for regular white rice, and also for packaged rice mixes like wild rice, yellow rice, flavored risottos, and pilafs. Love making quick pasta and potatoes and soups in it as well.

It came with a steamer basket, but I haven’t used that much. I usually just toss the veggies in with whatever is cooking in there. I use it several times a week and it has held up great now over three years with mine and daughter’s is one year old.



There’s something so ~Sunday morning~ about waiting for your toast to announce it’s ready to eat by popping up from a classic toaster, don’t you think? This version has a dual control panel, essentially making it two toasters in one!

Promising review: “Easy to use. Works perfectly. Once you find the number that makes toast browned the way you like it, you’re all set! Works great on bagels! Have had for many months now and use almost daily so it has the opportunity to show off any quirks and I’m glad to say, there are none researched toasters extensively, and based on reviews I went with this one. Have not been sorry for one minute. Buy it peacefully.”

Electric Food Chopper

Electric Food Chopper

During my childhood, my mom used to slice her finger accidentally while cutting vegetables. while prepping the majority of our meals. If you’re like her, get yourself one of these Food Choppers.

Promising review: I already have a food processor but that is heavy, large and very tough to clean. It doesn’t get used much unless I need it. Going on Topsun Bazar, I knew I was going to be doing a lot more food prep, and I wanted something that took up less space and was easier to clean, so I snagged one of these.

I have used it regularly ever since, and it’s been great! The dual blade is really great at chopping things fast and evenly. They are exceptionally sharp, so watch out when washing it!

Air Fryer

Air Fryer

If you’re not familiar with this product, let me tell you that it can grill, fry, bake, and roast meals up to 40% faster, and with a fraction of the oil you’d otherwise use. Pretty freaking incredible. Any chef needs it in their kitchen.

Promising review: “BEST BEST BEST item ever!! I can’t believe how much I love this kitchen countertop appliance. I use this on average once a day, maybe more. It cooks awesome and you can put anything in there. Chicken, French fries, steak, roast, you name it; and all without the grease. You can even cook hot dogs and they come out as you cooked them on the grill.

Reheating food comes out much better in this air fryer than in a microwave. The microwave either overcooks or makes things soggy and the food just never tastes the same but not in the air fryer!! The food comes out great.

Microwave with Inverter Technology

Microwave with Inverter Technology

This Panasonic microwave comes with “inverter technology” that assures it will evenly heat your food without overcooking. It also boasts a compact design, so it won’t hog up precious counter space.

Promising review: My microwave is dead, and after doing research, I decided to purchase this. I’ve had it for about three months now and really like it. It’s super easy to use. This is a powerful microwave when it comes to reheating things and I’ve learned to cut down the time compared to my old microwave. Same for cooking.

I love the exterior size (true to the dimensions given in the description), and it is very spacious inside. I’m very happy with this purchase and do recommend this model.

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

You can use this coffee machine to brew either a single serving or an entire pot, so whether your in-laws are coming over or you’re enjoying a quiet morning by yourself you’ll be good to go.

Promising review: I don’t love coffee. I hate the stuff, but my girl loves coffee! I didn’t have a pot and I felt bad that she couldn’t have her morning coffee when she stays at my place. So, if you have a significant other who likes coffee and you don’t, this is for you. I make her coffee every morning on the single-serve side and she loves it and I get to do something nice (she does so much for me).

You just rinse the used coffee grounds off the filter and it is good to go. You can program it to automatically brew if you want to, which is nice if she has to get up before I do 😉 Enjoy!

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