Do Not Criticize The Actors Personally, Mere Paas Tum Ho Is Just A Drama – Adnan Siddiqui

Veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui requested  all his viewers and fans of drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho, to direct their criticism towards the characters of Danish, Mehwish, and Shehwar not the actual actors who are playing the roles. These characters are being portrayed by Humayon Saeed, Ayeza Khan, and Adnan Siddiqui. 

Adnan Siddiqui responded  to the disapproval of the story of Drama Serial Mere Paas Tum Ho from some quarters and stress to understand the issue being discussed in the play and don’t curse the writers, directors, and actors.

Talking about the popularity of Adnan’s character Shehwar, an egoistic and shrewd antagonist, Ghughi star gave all the credit to the writer of Meray pas tum ho  Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and the director Nadeem Baig. Further, he praised Humayun Saeed, who big-heartedly left this role for Adnan Siddiqui and opt for the submissive and modest one.

Answering the praises his role gets from the respected audience, The Big Heart actor said, “Before going on air, I thought that the Shehwar’s character would get all the hit from the public, but it is really strange that they are accusing Danish and disapproving Mehwish. 

Replying to what he found so interesting and enticing in the character of Shehwar, Adnan Siddiqui said that he felt himself lucky that he got the interesting story by Kkalil Saheb, especially the dialogues his character will deliver.

He said that I think these lines have made my character unique and different.

Adnan has also announced a film recently Dum Mastum coming next year. The interesting fact about the film is that he is not venturing as an actor, but as a producer in it. 

Explaining the reason he said, every actor must know their strength and the suitability for any certain role and further elaborated that the lead role of Dum Mastum is of a boy from Lahore which would not suit the man of his age.

He has casted Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan in lead roles. They both are famous drama stars for Ranjha Ranjah Kerdi and Bela Pur ki Daien and now debuting in a film.

Talking about the risk-taking of casting two newcomers in his first production, Adnan Siddiqui gave examples of Bollywood super hit movie ‘Qamyamat Se Qayamat Tak’, which also had 2 new faces, Amir Juhi Chawla and Amir Khan while Lollywood’s success ‘Bulandi’ that introduced Reema and shan.

“All of them became stars after their first release, so yes definitely there is a risk but it is mandatory to take some risk. Already we have a small industry and I think I am trying to expand it a little by introducing these talented actors.”

Further, he said that he had trust on his both leads as they are intelligent and well educated to cope up with their roles, and they both are Punjabi, and it really helped them to do justice to their characters in the film.

Talking about casting the star of social media Momin Saqib, the producer/actor said that Momin had prominent witty comic timings, which would pull the character in which he had been cast. 

Adnan was confident to take the challenge to produce a film. From Cereal Entertainment he has Akhtar Hasnain and Mansoor Karim as his co-partners on production.  

He said- We hope to put our max efforts for the product. Mansoor Karim is a specialist in marketing and advertising and Akhter Hasnain is an expert in operations and I as an actor will handle the direction and cast. I think this combination will work in Dum Mastam and the results would be fruitful.

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