Difference Between Battery Case and Power Bank

Power Bank

Well, both battery case and power bank work on the same principle of providing additional power backup to your phone. Both are portable and you need to charge them first then you can take them with you anywhere.

But, each of these power backup gadgets has its benefits and limitations as well. Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons for the better understating of Battery Case and Power Bank.

Battery Case

  1. It protects your phone against impacts as It is the hybrid mobile case along with charging
  2. It is really easy to carry, just stick it with your phone. Unlike power banks, you don’t have to carry two separate things.
  3. You don’t have to separately charge the battery case, just plug charging cable into your phone and Power Case will charge automatically.
  1. The biggest drawback of the battery case is that you need to buy a separate battery case for your other mobile phone.
  2. In extreme hot temperature condition, it can damage your phone due to increased temperature, as it is connected with your mobile phone.
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Power Banks

Power Banks
  1. It is a universal power supply, which means you can charge multiple media devices and mobile phones at the same time as Power Bank.
  2. Power Banks have great power capacity up to 20000 mAh. You can charge your phone more than 3 times unlike Battery Case
  1. By comparing it with Battery Case, Power Banks are heavier and not too friendly to carry with you
  2. You separately need to charge the power bank, and it also takes a longer time to charge.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

I hope now you have understood the difference between Battery case and Power bank. If you don’t feel easy in carrying a heavy power bank and not planning to change your phone then you should choose the power battery case.

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