Ali Xeeshan Ties The Knot On November 10, 2019

On November 10, 2019, Ali Xeeshan has tied a not in a ceremony in Islamabad.

Selfie of Ali Xeeshan and his beautiful bride Myrah was shared on Instagram, where the gorgeous couple can be seen in traditional attire to mark the festive occasion in Islamabad. Khadija Shan (creative director of Elan) said on her social media account that Lots and Lots of Love to Ali Xeeshan my pal on tying the know with this beauty.

Ali Xeeshan Wedding

The bride Myrah Khan who is a journalist by passion was spotted with Ali Xeeshan in the car donning blush pink veil with gorgeous statement jewelry including the pearl-encrusted.

This celebrity fashion designer is famous for his bridal wear and unconventional fashion shows. Ali Xeeshan usually spread some kind of hidden message through his mind-blowing creations.

On BBC Asian Network, in an interview, Ali Xeeshan recalled one of his one of the very famous fashions shows where the models carried monkey dolls with them in ramp walk and it was a part of their attire.

According to the designer Xeeshan, In Pakistan, most of the time, the brides are treated like monkeys. They have no say. They are told to sit properly, smile more or less, to wear this or wear that as if they are some kind of product. That’s how he came up with the monkey dolls. These monkey dolls are a symbol of a Pakistani bride.

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