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Adnan Siddiqui, Ayeza Khan, Humayun Saeed drama Mere Pass Tum Ho have risen to such heights in the history of Pakistan’s drama industry that no one even the best of bests has made it that far. Call it the extremely out of the box storyline or good acting the drama has drawn all sorts of attention from the masses. Love it or hate it, you watch it.

However, with the recent episode, things have gotten way out of hands as the dialogue 2 takay ki larki is all that everyone on social media is talking about. With some bashing Khalil ur Rehman Qamar for writing it to Humayun Saeed delivering it, the dialogue is selling like a hot cake.

If you look up 2 takay ki larki on Google, social media sites are filled with videos, memes, posts, and discussions on the dialogue. Some call it crass but there are so many people who finds it absolutely appropriate for a cheating partner.

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Ayeza Khan has lately received so much anger from her fans and TV enthusiasts after her recent episode of drama serial Mere Pas Tum Ho. This drama exalts misogyny and objectified women with its sexist, disrespectful and demeaning story idea.

While we all know that this drama serial is written by Khalil-ur-Rehman, who is also being criticized lately for his ideologies about women, Ayeza too is under hot lava for selecting this drama and saying yes to this kind of script.

Drama Mere Pas Tum Ho has been in the news from the beginning but now but its eleventh episode on Sunday leaned down to a new slope, with a highly disrespectful dialogue 2 takkay ki larki – wherein Humayun objectifies, insults, and humiliates Ayeza – being the centerpiece of the show.

Since then, the drama has triggered an abundance of memes mocking the dialogue with people coming forward to highly criticizing the serial.

While the actors have not shared any thoughts about the backlash that they have been receiving, it looks like Ayeza Khan already knew it that she will receive massive criticism from her fans for her character in Mere Pas Tum Ho.

Before when the episode aired, Ayeza had given her followers an idea regarding the problematic content in it, writing, “Don’t watch the episode of Meray pas tum ho tonight, you will hate me forever.”

Meanwhile, Khalil-ur-Rehman, is being bashed for promoting misogyny and sexism in the drama, with many celebrities and bloggers demanding to ban him on TV.

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